Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slow Down

When yuo exercise you look to speed things up.  Take your intensity to a new high any work out you can.

On the other side of this there is one of my favorite activities.....EATING!

This is a quick thought I wanted to throw your way.  Think about slowing down as much as possible when it comes to eating.  This will help your body let your mind know when you are full or comfortable.  It usually takes 20 minutes for your mind to understand that you have been feeding.  the other thing this does is allow you to enjoy and savor your food....if you like to eat why rush?  Take your time enjoy it.

There are three basic levels of eaters.  Slow, moderate and fast.  A slow eater eats 1.5 oz of food a minute, moderate 2.5 oz and fast 3.1 oz.

Man of us have heard to slow down when we eat but there is a new way to think about this which should make plenty of sense to you.

The more food you eat per minute the more calories you are taking in.

As you slow down your eating you are slowing down your calorie intake.

Who would have thought an easy way to cut calories is just to slow down.

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