Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Always a reason!

People were asked why they don't fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables?

Too Expensive    30%

Don't pair well with the rest of the meal       27%

Half a plateful is too much      21%

They aren't always served    21%

Seems like 69% of the reasons are very controllable.  30% being too expensive may be relative.....the medical procedure you could incur down the road because of an improper diet could be viewed as pretty expensive as well.

I love to eat at buffets....I get three plates of steamed veggies and about as many plates of fruit.

I find the expensive reference interesting since when at a buffet I see mounds and mounds of things on people's plates that are not fruits and veggies.  I think there is a cultural view of fruits and veggies as punitive in nature.

People are forced to eat their veggies and in many cases fruit is offered in place of a delectable chocolate dessert or something of that nature so it is viewed as a fall back not a treat.

All these points are just made to get you thinking.

I know it makes me think!

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  1. I think this is an interesting post Tom. I think there are two underlying stories here though. You definitely made me second guess buffets. I have actually eliminated them from my meals several months back. I hadn't even thought about just eating lots of fruits and veggies when I hit them up. I think I was just seeing my old eating habits at them and didn't even then of the good ones that could be.

    The other aspect is grocery shopping for meals. I talk about this with friends and family constantly that it actually is more expensive to eat healthier from the grocery store. Its a shame that a basket of fruits, veggies and lean meats can be more than double the cost of a basket full of frozen, canned or boxed foods.

    Yes that is nearsightedness compared to viewing what a medical procedure could cost but it is still a realistic observation.