Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serving Size

How many times do you think a burger is a burger....a baked potatoe......a muffin.....a cookie?

Many of us get caught in the trap of the size of food being the same no matter where you eat it or purchase it.

Many muffins can be three times the size of a true serving.

Cookies can vary by four times the size.....a baked potatoe 2.5 times the size.

The challenge is understanding what a true serving is and in the world today it is very hard to get a handle on this.

Everything is mega sized supersized double sized triple sized it never seems to end!

You need to have a real good understanding of what an appropriate serving is or you will get lost in the Biggie Size/Super Value Size mentality.

The way I got a handle on this was to truly get a feel for what a serving size is.

Whether it be a chicken breast or a piece of pizza you really must get a handle on what a true serving should be or your pant size will blow up as fast as the biggie size.

Next time you go out to eat start thinking about the size of the protions you are served and learn what fills you up.

A burger at McDonald's is very different than a burger at a sit down restaurant...whereas neither are good for you the size and calories differential can be staggering.

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