Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't get out smarted!

Many folks are out there throwing all type's of labels and claims on things.  You need to own your evel of understanding when it comes to nutrition.  A sandwich that is higher in calories but all natural protein and quality fiber is way better for you than a pack of 100 caorie jelly beans with no food value!  You need to get educated if you are going to play the calorie game you still need nutrition.

Buying the Hype
Some things have what's referred to as a health halo around them, meaning that they're perceived as being healthy even if they're not. Notorious food fakers include granola, smoothies, and restaurant salads. Sure, some are OK, but with so many super-caloric versions out there, you NEED to check the stats before you chew. This also goes for items marked "light" or "reduced-fat" -- just because something has fewer calories or less fat than standard fare, that doesn't automatically mean it's a good choice.

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