Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a week!

I was in Hawaii for the last week without a computer.

I am very sorry to leave you all hanging without warning.

I thought I would have computer access but I did not.

What a trip I wife and I got to totally chill out.

No exercise just a bunch of good eating.  This was a reward trip so my wife and I worked really hard to be able to just enjoy the week we had away from the routine.

Since I started writing here I have tried to explain that it is not about self is all about enjoying life in a way you can live with so that you can be happy and healthy as you gorw older.

The good news is my wife and I just chilled out and pigged out and we gained a few pounds....that was OK as we had planned on that!

We decided on our flight back that is the way to go!  Enjoy each and every day and if you need to get a few extra pounds off or if you need to shed a few blood pressure points attack those issues when you understand them.

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