Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Matters

Many of us have day to day challenges which call us to priorittize many different activities.

How hard is it for you to decide what matters.

A friend, your son or daughter want to talk but you have a report due.  Maybe those people just want to hang out but there is a show on you really want to watch.

Maybe you have been trying to get a few moments of alone time and they are finally within reach and someone needs your time.

We all have run across these things many days out of our week.  How you deal with things and what you put at the top of your priority list can tell you much about where you are at in life.

Most of us have short term and long term goals.

Many of us have things we want to get done today or this hour and then we have things we hope to have in order donw the road.

I am trying to make it part of my routine to think about where I want to finish and then make sense out of my prioritization.

I am taking Covey's advice and I am going to begin with the end in mind.

Since I have dedicated myself to this approach a few months ago it is incredible the clarity I am starting to get around my day to day activities.

Give it a try as you head through the week.

Think about where you want to be ten to twenty years from now physically and mentally and then put your priorities out there daily you may be amazed at the difference you find!

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