Monday, September 26, 2011


Many people talk about Cholesterol but they have no idea how your ratio of cholesterol is figured out and how you can impact it.

LDL is the bad stuff and HDL is the good stuff.  What you eat has a big role in what your LDL is what you eat and activity levels tend to dictate HDL.

Many of us are pre disposed to high LDL levels genetically.  I can eat clean but if I don't exercise I will always have very high LDL.  I need to get out and walk or do something daily to keep my HDL above average to compensate for a high LDL.

I lost the lottery when it comes to LDL so I have to keep my ratio in tact by having a higher HDL to counter act a high LDL.

Here is the first change you can make in your lifestyle and it should be pleasant and enjoyable....a simple 30 minut walk a day can do wonders for your HDL and you may be surprised what it can do for your mind.

Give it a try.

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