Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eat Often

Here is another tip from my journey in weight loss.

Many people will be quick to tell you to eat every few hours.

It stokes your metabolism and it slows down your want to eat.

You will hear very every two hours.

People don't explain as readily what you should eat every few hours.

I am a proponent of a very large breakfast...balance protein, carbs and fiber.

A good example is egg whites, fruit, oatmeal or some high fiber wheat toast.

This type of breakfast will set you up for an awesome day.

Think about it like a night out at the bars.....if you are going out to drink you hear people get a big dinner to have a base of food in their system.  Every day should be viewed like this...start with a solid base!  After that you can mix in fruit veggies and some fiber every few hours....have a healthy lunch and dinner tiening protein and then a snack in the evening.

Shut it down and start over.

Eating often does not mean a cookie or a donut every two hours...sorry to blow up that thought but you have to make good choices.  Find food you enjoy and partake every few hours.  If they are healthy all is good!

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