Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We all make them....sometimes we make a thousand or so a day.

Odds are if you are a realist you understand that there are going to be many times you make the wrong choice.

There isn't much wrong with making the wrong choice...there is a ton that can go right or wrong depending on how you react and respond to a poor decision.

Life happens and once you come to grips with that and realize that you aren't perfect and you are going to make bad choices the faster you can get on with your life.

Some people think making a bad choice is something you don't realize until after the fact and sometimes that is true.

Many times we choose to make the wrong choice...that is OK to.

If you always do the right thing you will go nuts and the one day you give in to the worng decision you may really go on a bender.

I am not encouraging anyone to make bad choices i am simply reminding everyone we all make bad choices....accept them and decide how to position yourself to respond differently in the future.

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