Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Worries

How many times have we heard that expression!

I believe we really need to take those words to the bank.  So many of us stress over so many things.  If we could just learn not to freak out over things we would all be in much better shape mentally and physically!

I spent an hour on the phone with a friend last night talking them off the ledge.  The reason they were freaked out is that they had lost 23 lbs and on Easter they ate a bunch of candy.  They got so freaked out it really took me an hour to calm them down.

This is crazy...many of us need to realize you sweat the big stuff not the little stuff.

Focus on the issues that matter....a few extra calories in a day or a missed work out are not something to obsess over.  Long term your concern for being in shape or losing weight should have to do with health....if you are always stressed you will have Blood Pressure issues.

If you are always thinking or concerned about what is going in your mouth  you will be intolerable.

This time when I say No Worries I mean it.........let it go!

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